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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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majority in the senate. a win for republicans could have a huge impact on capitol hill. republican candidate scott brown's hard-fought race against the heavily-favored democrats martha coakley in a special election carries in measurable political stakes. if brown wins the seat, democrats would lose their filibuster-proof majority. that could de raiderette -- the ralph health car reform and the obama administration's domestic agenda. >> if scott brown wins, health care reform could be dead or at least on life-support. >> brown and his party relish the opportunity, especially in light of the fact the president himself campaigned for his opponent. >> it would make everybody the 41st senator. it would bring fairness and discussion back to the equation. that is good for democracy to have people just talking about, instead of backroom deals, we
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talk about transparency and doing it the right way. >> we have been working every day. we do not pay attention, despite what everybody says, to all the media and the polls. we pay attention to the ground game and what people are telling us. at the campaign has its own dynamic. we will the tonight with the results are. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is saying regardless of what happens in massachusetts, tonight affordable health care for all americans will be a reality. another example of the drastic impact of this election, the dow jones close 115 points up today. officials say that there is a republican that could hold up obama's agenda is the reason why. >> they said they did not intentionally violate the law
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when they collected 2000 phone records from the bush and administration. the fbi' used an law it to illegally obtain those phone records. since the problem has been brought to light in 2007, the fbi has changed its practices. even as more troops and aid arrives on the island, the violence increases. hundreds of thousands of haitians are homeless and waiting for a. there are glimmers of hope -- as they wait for aid. >> a full week after the earthquake now and theroubles are too numerous to count. relief workers are scared to visit some parts of this city. tens of thousands of survivors are now living in the streets. what once was a golf course, now home to thousands. it is where they bade, sleep and at night stand guard against rape and robbery. >> i have to sleep on the floor,
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and sometimes -- >> one week after the earthquake, this is a countryn despair. for the hurt, slowly there is help. >> the problem is all of the patients are critical. >> for the hungry, long lines. they distribute rations 200,000, a small percentage of the 3 million in need. >> the streets are full of people. >> more u.s. and international troops or ride today, 800 more marines today. their goal? bring food in order to keep peace. this is not, they iist, about u.s. occupation. >> the people in haiti, they do not produce a threat to us. >> and even seven days in, there are still inspiring rescues,
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reason to hope. at the same time, there is also a mass exodus. people with ties to the u.s. catching military flights out. the rest are heading for the dominican and hoping to escape the chaos at home. today the un approved a request for another 3500 police and peacekeepers. they hope to open a port facility. -- sometime next week which wouldramatically improved getting aid into the country. the flight carried 53 haitian orphans has landed in pittsburgh after a humanitarian policy put in place by the department of homeland security set up an adoption -- sped up the adoption process. two sisters to run the orphanage were gravely concerned that the adoption process is underway for all of the children would be postponed indefinitely. >> their paperwork was in
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government offices downtown, and their offices are crumble. d. that is what they need. to be able to gt a passport and visa. >> meanwhile, five other children are headed to buy what tonight thanks to a determined couple. -- are head to iowa. they were in the process of adopting children when the earthquake struck. they rushed to haiti and brought back their new daughter, esther, as well as four others they could secure visas for. >> if you are looking to help, we are teaming up with sa the children. the organization has worked in haiti for 25 years and has people in country now providing relief and long-term assistance. if you like to help, go to our web site, 100% of your donation will go
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towards helping haitians and their families. find out which programs will be cut and which ones will be safe. >> doctors prepared to head to haiti. >> edgar allan poe's gravesite. the visitor is a no-show for the first time in 50 years. >> we officially hit 60 degrees in washington. next up, all winter and next. we will talkbout it straight ahead.
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we are following some breaking news of appomattox, virginia, where a manhunt is underway for a gunman involved in a multiple shooting. police are reporting multiple fatalities and injuries. they have not told us how many. morehan 100 officers surrounded what they believe is a hideout is -- of a suspected gunmen in a wooded area near lynchbg. the gunmen fired at a police of us got -- helicopter and ruptured the fuel tank. and maryland teenager is headed to federal prison after being sentenced for an elaborate plot to assassinate the president. they sentenced collin mckenzie- gude to more than 5 years.
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they found that enough chemicals and weapons in his bedroom to make 90 bombs. they believe he may have acted on written plans to kill three people, including then can it barack obama. governor o'malley has outlined his priorities -- education, public safety, environmental protection. >> no progress is possible without fiscal responsibility. if you're not fiscally responsible, everything comes collapsing down and a house of cards. >> he is looking to close the mill bent -- nearly $2 billion budget gap. it has proposed more than $1 billion in cuts, including layoffs. all state programs would be cut, except for k through 12 education. virginia lawmakers will also be making budget cuts this session and education will not despair.
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superintendents are preparing and talking about their options. a new survey shows that they will consider increasing class sizes, cutting teachers and support staff and eliminating summer school and pre-k. for 60 years, a mysterious visitor has leapt roses and cognac get edward alabama -- edgar allan poe pose a grave site. this year to was a no-show. dozens of fans waited overnight for the mysterious visitor, but he never came. i am kris van cleave. local doctors preparing to head to haiti tell us about what they are hearing about conditions on the ground. another above-average day in the weather department. temperatures will be dropping. doug hill will tell us when and how low. you talk about all read out.
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tonight is the capitals and the red wings. later in sports. red wings. later in sports.
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as money and supplies are shipped to haiti, there is something else very important headed there and that is medical care. >> doctors from all over the country are packing up and heading out to help the injured. kris van cleave is live with their stories. >> we talked to two local doctors who are part of a worldwide effort to get more medical teams into haiti. both men have been talking to hospitals and say there is help available if the injured can only make it to the hospitals outside of port-au-prince. these are survivors of the massive earthquake. the images are powerful, taken at a hospital in this city about 70 miles from port-au- prince. some of arrived by helicopter. others on a bus. it is a seven-hour drive. some, simply walked, desperate for help. >> broken bones, fractures were
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the bones stick to the skin. burns. >> the hospital's permanent staff is being helped by a 75- person trauma team from the u.s. richard perry is going down next month to help. >> we made room for 100 patients initially. another 100 as a few days ago by. we are ready to help to lighten the load of the overworked 10 hospitals in port-au-prince. >> we are seeing a lot of general medical problems initially -- infections and things, with all of the hospitals destroyed in port-au- prince, these people now have to go elsewhere. >> drr. irwin is coordinating the response with a hospital he built in haiti near the border of the dominican republic. >> we anticipate getting a lot of refugees and people who will
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be returning to the rural areas. >> both hospitals say their supplies are going to start running low as they treat more people. they are looking for donations. we put links to both organizations on our web site at, hot. keyword doctors. >> it is amazing to see the stories of pele who are stepping up to fill in the breach. >> people have such big hearts. we had a good run. it was nice. >> it was wonderful. it felt like spring. now we do not want to go back to winter. >> by thursday and friday night we will get a wintry mix again. take a look at some weatherbug locations. highs of around 60 in most areas. the cooler air is filtered in and out. 60 degrees was a high in hyattsville. 51 degrees there right now.
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one more stop in st. mary's county, 50 degrees. high of 56 this afternoon. artificial high today was 6-0. the record was 71 that set back in 1951. it will not get terribly cold, but based on the relative warmth of the past few days it will be chillier. upper 20's to mid 30's. now we're seeing lower 40's, still hanging on to some 50's in some areas. in the morning, we will be below freezing in the suburbs and above freezing downtown. a contrast to the temperatures across the eastern part of the country. with 60's to the south. this will set up the next few days. this thermal line will be the contour of the next storm system. you can see the cloud cover, moving from west to east.
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the cold to the north and warmer temperatures to the south. the storm that will move to the st and then regenerate off the coast of north carolina. for tomorrow, a nice day. it will be a lot colder. bright sunshine. then as clouds streaming from the west, the high it will move off to the east and that will open the way to the clouds and the storm system. the coast of north carolina off -- sometime on thursday. this will bring colder air into the picture. we're looking at the possibility of late thursday night and into friday of measurable snow in pennsylvania and in areas north and west of our area. cannot give you the precise line, but maybe north and west of hagerstown. that is where we get our wintery mix, rain, sleet, snow. 29 to 37 in the morning. 45, bright and sunny during the day.
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we'll keep our eye on the next door thursday and friday before skies clear on saturday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. got the big day verizon center tonight. >> tim brant is live now with the capitals getting ready to take on the red wings. >> what a night oto rock the red. both of them were read. the fans still talking about leon harris being here for the flyers came. brooks -- what a game he had saturday night against philadelphia. he scored two goals. he built philadelphia 5-3. i had a moment to speak with brooks. >> athletes always look for something to build on. you're coming off a game with two goals. does that confidence built? >> i hope so.
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especially going to a stretch where i was not scoring. nice to get back to contributing it, helping your team win. >> talk about tonight's game. what does this game mean? >> they eos in detroit earlier this year. -- they beat us in detroit earlier this year. that is on our mind. they are desperate hockey team right now. they have some injuries -- we have some injuries, but we will have to be at our best. >> how to use state fresh? they are so fast and hard hitting. >> it's fun. we love playing hockey. i have played hockey since i was 5 years old. i played 1000 games, i will play 1000 more. we really enjoyed it. when you have a successful team and fun guys you are playing with, it makes it easy to come to the rink every day. >> looks like the capitals lead the division by -- tied with buffalo in the division.
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they are tied for that all important number one seed. this game is huge. the maryland terrapins are taking a break. it is a game at maryland is supposed to win, so gary williams will work to keep these guys focused >> this is a game that is good that we are playing, that you always worry about these games. we have not always played well in these situations. hopefully, we will play well. uconn head coach is taken and medical leave of absence. that is all we know about that story, but we will keep you posted. the australian open. maria sharapova was ousted yesterday. here is serena williams, the defending champion. an easy win, 6-2, 6-1. her first grand slam match since her tirade at the u.s. open a year ago. finally, our player of the week comes from minor-league
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hockey. victoria salmon against bakersfield. if the globetrotters played hockey, this is what it would look like. my only question is, why are these guys in the minors? how about a hockey in the minors? [laughter] the cap and red wings. >> hopefully that game will be just as entertaining.
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we have some good news to report to you about that of course we told you about yesterday that fell into a 12- foot sinkhole. after five hours, they were able to pull the horse aderholt and frederick county. chief was doing fine and walked away from the incident. good work to all of those out there. >> appalusa are tough and ornery. a wintry makes developing late thursday and friday. an update on friday.
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